The Glass Is Half Full – 50% Funded

I would like to give a big warm (sampeah) Cambodian greeting and thank you to the following supporters:

Donors: Linda Stansberry, Deona Garthwaite Berge, Krystal Phillips, Charmyne Pendleton Cyr, Nancy Rink, Stacy Burghgraef, Yumiko Kojima Stettler, Jani Anderson Collins, Trisha Geisel Brown, Don Catalog, Flaun Mancini, Mindy Cornelison Moore, Tara Vatos, Alexis Vayda, Tiffany Tuer, Reeva Stettler, Vernelle Mackbee, Allison Donnelly Pirrie, Ellen Rothery, Max, Inga, Linda Coyle, Penny Walker, Kym Kemp, Mahroz Nakhaie, Robert Kissel, Andrea Lara

Social Media Support: Cambodian American Soccer AssociationLaura Mam Music – Triple A Cambodia

I’m really beyond grateful for the support that we’ve received so far in order to get our funding to the 50% mark of $1,175 ($2,000) but it’s absolutely essential for us to meet our goal in order to open our doors by the end of July. We’re beginning the process of enrolling the students but won’t be able to give them an official start date until we meet our funding goal. The children come to the school everyday and spend the entire day with me, helping paint or just hanging out together and unlike a lot of kids that I know, these kids actually want to start studying. The children in the village are poor – extremely poor. They do not attend school because of the distance or inability to afford a school uniform and they lack basic hygiene, having a single change of clothes (if that) and a lack of proper nutrition. All issues that will be addressed with the assistance of our funding support. The reality of our situation is that we desperately need additional funding support right now in order to meet our $2,000 goal. If you would like to donate, please visit

Thank you again for your incredible support!


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