We are now the Sala Monkey English School of Kep!

So, a lot has happened since we last met. My apologies for the lack of updates to our social media. We’ve been without working internet for several months. Great news though, we have had a very generous sponsor come to our rescue. Thanks to One Degree Forward we have purchased a new computer, printer and accessories and have started equipping our Sala Monkey Computer Learning Center.  You may have also noticed that we have changed our name. Part of my teaching philosophy is to empower the children to help make decisions regarding their curriculum, etc., and after a lengthy roundtable discussion that included “Kep School of Ice Cream” we finally settled on the Sala Monkey English School of Kep. For the benefit of our older (and slightly embarrassed) students who attend during the evenings, we will also be known as the “Little Village School of Kep.”

Along with our new computer learning center, we will be creating a new website/blog that will be created and maintained by the students.

Thank you again for the support!

Teacher Tracy


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